PayCards presents their own program/package of 3 unique cards those can be loaded via I-Wallet Payment Processor banking account 

PayCards Banking offers a package of 3/4 unique cards that
are only available through PayCards:

1. Maestro/Cirrus with unlimited ATM withdrawals and storage
2. MasterCard with unlimited storage and unlimited POS use not marked as Debit or Electron
3. ACH Paypal/Google Card ( PayCards is sole international authorized agent )
4. Anonymous instant issue MasterCard (instead of ACH Paypal Card) PayCards is sole international authorized agent
5. Optional Card Systems MasterCard ( own brand of PayCards )

Great Benefits (PayCards own System) : Instant transfers
Instant E-Gold loading to card possible
Mastercard (no debit or electron printed on the card or in the hologram)
Use the Mastercard to rent cars or book a hotel since the mastercard is not marked as a debit card !
Wallet to Wallet instant
Load E-Currencies
Low loading fees
Get 5 Family cards for card to card transfers
Unlimited card storage and ATM withdrawals !!!
Cirrus/Maestro Network
Great I-Wallet
International support
Get paid from thousands of I-Wallet holders for free in real time (use as a merchant account)
Pay for additional cards of PayCards through your I-Wallet for only 1% instantly !!
Free ACH Card
Free Card Systems Mastercard or Free Anonymous instant issue Mastercard
Loading Options :

Bank Wire IBAN
Bank Wire SWIFT
ACH from US Bank
Western Union

E-Gold (instant possible)
Wallet to Wallet (instant)

Cash at CitiBank worldwide
Card to Bank US
Card to Bank international
Card to Check
Card to Card Maestro
Card to Card Mastercard
Limits :

Cirrus/Maestro Card:
Unlimited storage
Unlimited daily withdrawals

Storage: unlimited
Daily max load Limit: 10000 USD
Daily ATM withdrawal: 2500 USD
POS unlimited
Fees :
Activation: $13.00
Monthly Fee: $8.00
Inactivity Fee: $1.95

ATM local: $2.99
ATM international: $5.00
ATM Usage: $1.50
ATM Denied: $2.50

POS Fee: $2.00
POS Denied: $2.00
Load Card Fee: $2.50
PayCards Package Prices :
- 79 USD ( with free ACH ATM Card )
- 118 USD (with free ACH ATM Card and free Card Systems Mastercard/Anonymous Instant Issue Mastercard)
Price includes free ACH/Direct Deposit Card !!
(for PayPal and Google)

Special Features:

- Instant E-Gold loading possible (6.5% Fee only !!!)
- Unlimited storage
- Unlimited daily ATM withdrawals
- Mastercard included (no electron) with unlimited storage
- Instant Wallet to Wallet
- Anonymous Wallet
- ACH/Direct Deposit card included for free
- Use the I-Wallet as a merchant account and get paid for your products by thousands of I- Wallet holders for free !!

What Is I-Wallet ?

I-Wallet is a friendly internal Payment Processor for PayCards Banking that you use to load your M asterCard & The Maestro/Cirrus ATM card .

I-Wallet Features :

1- Wallet to Wallet transfer
2- Wallet to MasterCard transfers
3- Wallet to Maestro / Cirrus ATM Card transfers
4- Merchant tools for webmasters to sell their products and receive funds via I-Wallet payment gateway

In order to start use all the benefits immediately you’ll need to Signup Free I-Wallet account

Click here to sign up free I-Wallet account

Loading I-Wallet Options ( I-Wallet Fees ) :

1- Load I-Wallet Account:
Bank Wire: 1.5%
E-Gold: $5 + 5%
E-Bullion: $5 + 5%
Maestro/Cirrus Karte: 1.5%
MasterCard: 1.5%
WebMoney 6%
Western Union 6%
MoneyGram 5%
CashU 8%
UKash 8%
Credit Card 10%
2-Money Transfer
Wallet to Wallet: 1%
3- Receive Funds
4- I-Wallet To Card Fees ( Load Card )
To Maestro/Cirrus: $3 + 1.5%
To MasterCard: $3 + 1.5%
For instructions and loading options please read the I-Wallet Manual here: ( I-Wallet manual )