You don’t have to be German to enjoy a German bank account . You can easily open your own legal bank account in Germany as Non-Resident via post mail , No travailing .

All you need is to apply for the German bank account  with Treadston Ltd , sign and certify the documents required and send it to them via post mail . That’s it , they will contact you with the payment information once your documents received and approved .

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Threadstone Ltd is an authorized bank introducing service that helped non residents to obtain their own German personal/business bank accounts .

Threadstone Ltd. as bank introducer offers you seamless world wide personal & business banking services in more then 25 countries.

The German Account Package include :
1- IBAN German Bank Account
2- ATM Maestro Card
( can be used to withdraw funds from any worldwide ATM with Maestro logo , and also at any German POS )
3- Visa Debit Card
The Visa Card  can be used at any local/International POS . Also its  good for the Internet Shopping.

General Information :

Account Prices/Fees :

# Personal Account:

1- 89 € ( Paid One-Time as Application fee by Threadstone to open the account – shipment included )
2- 50 € , Initial deposit
3- EUR 10.00 – Bank monthly Fee
4- 0.50€ incoming bank deposit transfer .

5- ATM withdrawal Fee , 0.00 – 5.00 € depends on the ATM

6- Wire Transfer Fee ( send woldwide )
Swift Transfer 20-25 Euro.  IBAN SEPA and Local 0.50 – 1 €

7- Wire Transfer Fee ( Receive worldwide )
Swift , IBAN SEPA and Local incoming transfers 0.50 – 1 €

# Business Account:

1- 129€ ( Paid One-Time as Application fee by Threadstone to open the account – shipment included  )
2- 100€ , Initial deposit
3- EUR 25.00 – monthly Fee
4- Incoming and Outgoing  Local or IBAN / SEPA  0.50 EUR
5- Incoming Swift – 5.00 €

No Fees for bank internal Account to Account transfer
No Fees for Maestro/Visa funding 25% Discount

Special 25% discount for DOLLARAT members . Just use the discount coupon below :

Requirements to Apply :

- You have to be at least 18 years old in order to open up this account.

The following documents are necessarily required:
1- Certified copy legitimation (e. g.. identification card or  passport )

Important : You’ll have to attach your ID together with proof-of-indentity form and certify your ID with an authorized individual  , best way is a bank, embassy or notary public ..

2- Proof of Resident (z. B. Certificate of Registration, utility bill)

3- Signed copy of our application forms.

Last step is to send your signed application form , and your certified proof -of-identity document together with proof of Resident to the following address :

Threadston Ltd.
Application Service
Postfach 170309
60077 Frankfurt am Main

For more information please do not hesitat to ask .