tollfreeforwarding provides International Phone Lines to businesses that want to attract more international customers, and better serve existing ones.

Why International Phone Lines ?

Toll Free International Phone numbers helps you expanding  your business , receiving  many calls from foreign prospects or customers by providing  them a possibility to call you for free any time . All you need is to provide them Local “in-country” phone number that your clients dial and to forward the calls  to your home county abroad where you answer it directly.

This means that now you can easily help your customers to contact you for free on local phone number even if  you do not have your own office/entity or live  in their country .

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We offer Toll Free and Local Phone Lines in over 75 countries and 800 cities, including the USA of course. Our global telecom network routes the calls hitting these international phone numbers straight to our customers’ existing offices, or call centers.

We also provide a Virtual PBX Phone System with any of our phone lines. It is common for our customers to achieve a 10x-12x ROI on their investment in our services, due to the boost in sales they receive.

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Did you know that all of our virtual phone lines can accept faxes automatically, too? That’s right! Our network auto-detects the incoming fax signal, immediately captures it, saves the fax as a .pdf file, and emails it straight to your inbox.

In fact, using our Online Control Center, you can even configure your account to send your faxes to multiple email addresses, perfect for larger, or shared support organizations.