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Get your own US based Mailing Address As Non US Residents , by superscription with one of the following MFC ( Mail Forwarding Companies ) :

1- USA 2 me

This mail forwarding company offer a “Bronze” plan that has one time set up fee ($25) and no monthly fees. Which means, if you never receive any mail to the address, you never have to pay for the service. Of course if you do need to have mail forwarded to you there is a fee.

Make Business IN USA . can help you establish a USA Virtual Office and Virtual Address From your country even if you do not live in USA.

As a USA2Me member you will automatically be assigned a USA street address (not a PO box). Use this address not only as your mailing and shipping address, but also use it in your business cards, stationery, marketing materials, etc…


2- Access USA

This is a very high quality service. They have a one time fee and monthly or yearly subscriptions. Their shipment rates are really good. they have very low shipment rates . Specially if you are going to use their services often . gives you a real US street address, allows you to receive items from any US company or person.
and ships packages from your US address to over 200 countries worldwide.
Moreover :
Many US Retailers accept only US credit cards buys these items for you with our Personal Shopper service allows you to purchase items from EBay or any other seller. sends payment to sellers via PayPal, money order, or credit card for you. accepts all major credit cards, wire transfers, and checks drawn on US banks.

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3- US Global mail

Different rates and services you can choose. The sign-up process is not difficult and you can ask for your goodies via normal mail at a cheap price or via express service like FedEx or DHL.

4- Lanbox ( Free U.S Address )

This service is great for people living in Latin America. They have no setup fees. However their charges are not the cheaper.

Remember that there are other services around and you should check to see if it fits your needs.