Get your own US based mailing address ( As Non – US Residents ) ..

YES , That’s True !

The Shipments companies listed below helps you to have your own/private USA street or P.o box address even if you are NOT living in United States. .

As Non US Resident you can obtain your own  US based mailing address through a Mail Forwarding Company .

US Mailing Address is a real USA  Address given by one of the US shipment companies ( Mail Forwarding Companies ) . This mailing address is pointed to you as non US Resident so other people / companies in USA or any other place in the world can send you any mail/item or goods to this US address.

Any item received by the shipment company on this mailing address will be FORWARDING at once to your address outside USA any where in the world .

A mailing address in United States is very useful for a number of reasons:

  • You can start shopping  online and ask your goods to be delivered to your mailing address in the US and then to be forwarded to your international home address.
  • This is definitely good for some online stores or websites that don’t ship outside US. Like a lot of eBay sellers. This also is a great choice if the shipping cost is too high.
  • You can also use your US address to sign up with U.S services & websites these require U.S mailing Address .
  • Also the U.S mailing address is a good choice If you are operating a website / online business and need a virtual mailing address that your customer can use to contact you .

    Start now and learn how to have your own Virtual U.S Office street address even if you are not living in USA .

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