Get your own USA phone number that rings in your home country , just using internet line and PC for FREE . ( example of US virtual phone number :  +1 360 254 6878 )

With USA Virtual phone number you`ll get :

1- Your own U.S Telephone number even if you are living outside USA for FREE.
2- Receive Free unlimited international phone calls.
3- Receive FREE voice messages from any worldwide landline / mobile phone to your email.

Make unlimited FREE phone calls to USA and Canada .
The next few pages will teach you how to get your own PRIVATE and FREE phone number in US where
you can receive voice messages and calls .

You’ll receive this call Just using internet line and PC anywhere in the world . The USA/Canada residents will call
you at their local tariff rate using their own landlines & mobile phones .

Also , you can receive calls from International friends . They’ll pay their local tariff calling rate to US destination ,

or simply they can use any VOIP Pc 2 phone program like .

Why Do I need U.S telephone number .. ?
- If you are operating website / online business and do not want to give your local/private telephone number .
- If you have, or want to have, clients in the U.S then you need a US telephone number .
- If you have friends/family in USA/Canada and want to receive Free international calls then you need U.S telephone
number .

Follow the next steps / instructions in order to receive unlimted Free international phone calls & message voice delivered to your email with your private USA phone number :

Step 1 :

- Sign up for Free SIP number with VOIP.Bujula .  ( Click Here To Register )

The Free SIP VOIP number will allow you to receive calls / voice phone message to your email via internet line using VOIP gateway . The SIP number will be integrated and config with you Free USA phone number ) ..
close the pop up window using the CLOSE button on the top after Signing up

NOTE : The field ( pick your sip number ) . This will be your VOIP.Brujula username and also SIP number . It must start with DIGIT ( 8 ) . For ex. 89109 . If the username / SIP number was taken try again till you get non registered SIP number. Your SIP number with

VOIP.Brujula address will be like the following address ..

VOIP.Brujula will send you an activation link to your email . You must confirm your email by following the link .Important : Do not forget your Password and Voip.Brujula SIP number .

Step 2 :

The next step is Registering for FREE U.S PHONE number with IPKall . To Sign up for your Free U.S Telephone number with IPkall please ( Register here  ) ..

Note : You must use your VOIP.Brujula SIP number during registration .. ( see the next Form for example )

————— Sign Up FORM example –

Choose Area code of you IPKall Number:
SIP Phone number:
SIP Proxy: (ex.
Email Address:
I would like a free voice mail account
# of Seconds until voice mail if no answer:


After signing up IPkall will send you an email with subject : Here is your IPkall phone number . Congratulation , Now you are almost done ..

Last Step :

You’ll need to download X-Lite soft phone . X -Lite 3.0 is a small / friendly program that enable you to receive incoming calls from U.S / international Friends .

After you download / run the X-lite program you’ll need to configure your VOIP.Brujula SIP number / password together with the X-lite program . To do so Just right click on the dialer display and select (SIP Account Settings ) option . please see the next picture .

The program will ring on your PC when any one dial your Free U.S Telephone number .

You’ll receive these calls for FREE at anywhere in the world since you are connected to internet line with PC / laptop

- Your U.S / Canadian Friends will call you using their own landline/mobile phones and pay normal U.S local
calling rate.
- International Friends will pay their local international tariff rate to U.S destination .
- You are going to pay absolutely NOTHING . and you’ll be able to receive calls to your US number .
- Also , you are going to receive voice messages to your email when you are logged off