Perfect debit card solution for Non-U.S Residents that works with any worldwide ATM machine ( Cirrus/Pulse ) .

VM card holders will get a unique U.S Bank Account number that allows them to receive funds from electronic Banks and internet Payment Pocessors   that transfers funds to U.S Bank account . The card also can be funded with wire transfer by you or any other 3rd party.

Virtual money card

Virtual Money card Benefits :

With Virtual Money Card you’ll get the following ..

• A Debit Card that works with majority of worldwide ATM machines ( Cirrus / Pulse )

• A U.S checking Account for Non U.S Residents
• FDIC Insured
• Usable in over 210 countries
• Usable at more than one million ATMs worldwide

• $2,500 Account Maximum Balance
• $500 per day Point-of-Sale Limit (subject to machine limits)
• $500 per day Cash Withdrawal Limit

How do I Load the card ( add funds ) ?

Funds may be added (or “loaded”) to a card in the following ways:

• AlertPay , PayPal and other online payment processor that send transfers to U.S Bank .

• Direct Deposit (from a business or employer)
• Card to Card (from one ® ATM Card™ to another)
• Retail Loading Station (any store that enables the loading of a ® ATM Card™)
• ACH to Card (U.S. only)
• Bank Wire Transfer ( U.S and International )

How it works ?
You will be given a Cirrus/Pulse Debit card and a U.S Bank account
as following :

Routing Number: 111900756
Bank Name: Southwest Bank
Account Number: 8 + the last 9 digits of your card number.

(Example: If your VM card number is: 6278 9510 1234 5678
Your account number would be 8 01234 5678 ).

* Pricing / Fee :

How can I get a card ?
We recommend you to contact VMI to ask aout the nearest authorized Virtual Money® Merchant.

Generally you can purchase Virtual Money Card with ( money order , cashiers check , bank wire  or with any other electronic payment processor supported by the reseller like AlertPay , PayPal , Egold  , MoneyBooker  etc  )  .

To find the  nearest reseller to your location , contact VirtualMoneyINC from their official site ( clicke here )