Wells Fargo is one of the biggest Banks in USA that can provide IPB  ( International Personal Banking ) for Non-Resident . This is Not an easy account to open for foreigners and also it can not be used just for  PayPal and ecommerce money transfer purpose . It’ll take some time and strict paper work to open an account with Wells-Fargo, also a signature verification process is required to verify your identity/signature  with the bank. I believe this is wont be a problem if you are running a legitimate business/activity .

Wells Fargo Online Banking Features

With this banking service you’ll get free and secure online access to your accounts anytime, anywhere – in one place, with one username and password. Check balances, transfer funds, view statements, and much more.

Identification Documents Required :

- Copy of Passport
- Copy of National Identity Card/Driver License
- Signature card verification
- You will need to attach the most recent 3 months bank statements and 2 bank reference letters from your local bank.

Follow the following steps in order to open an account with Wells Fargo :

1- Visit the Wells Fargo IPB landing page .  Apply for the account by filling-up the online application form , and print it out

2- Also print out the signature card form and the service agreement

Signature Verification Process

To verify your signature, it has to be done by one of these three ways:

1- SWIFT message type 199 send by your bank.
2- Signature verified by San Francisco IPB office or Hong Kong IPB office.
3- Signature notarized by US Embassy or Consulate.

For choice #1, visit your local bank and ask them if the Swift message type 199 is available
( Most of the bank officers have never heard of SWIFT message type 199 before! ).

For choice #2, the best choice for Hong Kong / US residents

For choice #3, this seems like the only ‘slightly’ more convenient way to do so. Given that you live near the consulate. It will cost you a fee to certify your document ( should be around USD$20 per document).

Please note that the Wells Fargo service agreement stated that you can not use the bank account for PayPal and other eCommerce solution. Make sure you read it carefully.